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Our design of the Discoverer 6 is refined to give the traveller optimum comfort and user-friendly systems whilst travelling and also whilst stationary. The design entails a very spacious floor layout with more than enough storage space for any of the articles that the traveller wants to take along.

The Discoverer 6 is made with sandwich panels which consist of a GRP outer skin, a LBX foam center and waterproof plywood sheets on the inside. All these materials are extremely resistant to water and condensate and are also very durable to African conditions. With the use of the latest technology available, the external walls of the camper are assembled without any screws, this means that the polyester skins which are the outer wall coverings, have no screw holes and are sealed on the construction joints. With this method of construction the Discoverer 6 motorhome is leak and dust proof.

Motorhome-World. Camper, 4x4 motorhome manufacturing and sales.

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